Turkey Scholarship Apply Now

Bern Büyükelçiliği 08.05.2012
The scholarships granted to foreign students by the Republic of Turkey have been restructured
under the name of “Turkey Scholarships” and 22 new scholarships programs of various content
have been initiated.  

Among these programs, five are open to the applications from Swiss undergraduate, master or
doctoral/ research students:  

1) History and Civilization Program (Master and doctoral level)  
2) Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Program (Master and doctoral level)  
3) Economic Studies Program (Master and doctoral level)  
4) Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Program (Master and doctoral level)  
5) Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Program (Undergraduate, master and doctoral level)  

All relevant information concerning the application requirements and procedures as well as
the programs, related universities and life in Turkey can be found on the following internet


The deadline for the applications to the scholarship programs is 1st of June, 2012. Applications
can be made online (forms can be found on the mentioned internet addresses), or by post or
by hand to this Embassy.

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